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About Us

In 2008, a vision was born as Mike was preparing to retire from Texarkana Water Utilities and Shelia wanted to leave the medical field in which she had worked most of her life. With their hectic schedules of working 5 days a week, traveling on the weekends to sing southern gospel music in the Ark-La-Tex, they wanted to incorporate their ministry and work together. Shelia took a job working in the pest control industry with flexible hours, becoming a licensed technician and eventually became a Commercial Applicator through testing with Texas Department of Agriculture. Mike became a Licensed Technician in the pest control industry as well.

Mike & Sheila PattersonMike & Shelia Patterson

With the diverse knowledge of working in the alternative/preventative medicine field where the "cause was treated and not just the symptom", Shelia wanted to wed pest control and preventative ideas together. After realizing that Integrative Pest Management was already in place and working in Texas Schools, Mike and Shelia knew they were where they were "suppose to be"!

Patterson Pest Patrol became more than just a vision, it developed into a reality. However, just 6 months after opening to a running start, Mike had some health issues that became apparent. Yet, he encouraged Shelia to continue to build the family business that they had started. Although residential and commercial termite and pest control business were the backbone for Patterson Pest Patrol, Integrative Pest Management became a passion for Shelia, working with schools across East Texas and throughout the state when called upon for an independent IPM inspection. Mike had maintained his TDA Technician License to help give major input of training assistance when he could; however, he didn’t work in the field due to his declining health issues. While Mike had been recovering, he had become Shelia's greatest cheerleader and fan to follow their dream and vision – building their business one client at a time.

AaronAaron Wade Sisco
9/5/89 – 9/8/17

Family is very important to Mike and Shelia. Even after raising 3 children together and having 5 grandchildren, their pest control journey is still traveling forward. Mike and Shelia took a hard hit in fall of 2017 when they lost their only son, Aaron Wade Sisco, in an oilfield accident. And then again in 2018 with the loss of their daughter Ali Patterson Puckett. Their lives shattered they continued on until 2019 when Shelia had a stroke due to AVM. The road to recovery was long and hard but through pure determination and the love of Mike, her health continued to improve and Shelia made a full recovery. Unfortunately for Shelia her trials were not over and in 2020 after a long battle with congestive heart failure her husband Mike stepped over to Glory. Wounded but not beaten and with her “ I’m still standing!” mantra.

Shelia devotes her time and energy to improvements of the company, making a point to address any issue or problem directly herself and always scanning the horizon for new products to increase the efficiency of their services. There is no one miracle treatment that can solve all pest problems. All of the employees are taught that "quality is more important than quantity and no one is more important than the client that you are servicing!" Every day is a new day at Patterson Pest Patrol, LLC. Each client is rewarded with an established line of communication to provide the best pest control solution to their problem(s), understanding that if we don't know the answer, we won't stop until we find the right answer.

Shelia attributes their success to the support of their family, unyielding ambition, relentless hours of servicing clients personally and most of all, choosing to keep God right in the middle of their lives. Both will tell you "prayer each morning before everyone leaves out is the glue that holds and this company together." Commencing the day Patterson Pest Patrol began, joining in prayer each morning still carries on today.