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Termite Inspections (WDI), Pre-Treat & Post-Treat

The termites that most commonly cause damage to structures in East Texas are subterranean termites. These insects live in the soil and feed on untreated wood, wood debris left underneath or up against a structure and wood products, such as paper, cardboard, and other cellulosic materials.


At Patterson Pest Patrol LLC we provide a service contract / bid proposal which is comprised of the following documents which are required by the Texas Department of Agriculture:
1. Service Contract / Bid Proposal for Wood Destroying Organisms
2. Graph and Specification
3. Chemical Label
4. Consumer Information Sheet

We are obligated to protect your structure for the first year once it has been treated, and you, as the consumer, have the option of renewing this protection for each additional year. This is based on the estimated longevity of the termiticide that was used to treat the structure. Access to the property must be provided so that an annual inspection (AI) may be performed each year and a fee must be paid for the service.

Before conducting a Termite Pre-Construction Treatment, Patterson Pest Patrol LLC will present a complete diagram of the structure including construction details. When construction prevents performance of a full treatment, in accordance with a bid proposal for full treatment, any change to a partial treatment by Patterson Pest Patrol LLC providing the treatment will be permitted if the owner of the structure or the person in charge of the construction and certified applicator for Patterson Pest Patrol LLC sign a statement attesting to the construction conditions. The agreement will be attached to the Service Contract with an amended diagram showing the exact areas to be treated. Copies must be sent to the owner of the property within seven days of the application.


The Subterranean Termite Pre-Construction Treatment Builders Guide must be provided to and signed by the Contractor or Client/Purchaser of the Pre-Construction Treatment Service Contract. Subterranean termite post construction treatments may be a partial treatment or spot treatment using termiticide, approved physical barriers or a baiting system. Patterson Pest Patrol LLC agrees to apply a standard stand-alone treatment of a liquid termiticide to the structure(s) for a Post Construction Treatment. Such treatment will be in accordance with the direction of the manufacture of the chemicals, U.S. EPA approved labels, and the requirements of federal and state laws and regulations. If you are planning to make, or have made modifications to your property, or otherwise disturbed the treated soil barrier, please notify us so we can schedule whatever additional service may be necessary to insure uninterrupted protection and avoid possible costly re-treatment. There are several things that can invalidate the valuable protection if not reported or treated.

When you are getting ready to build or buy a structure, home or business, a few little notes to remember to watch for:
• 2" inspection clearance from the top of slab/brick/exterior siding and final soil grade
• No landscaping, shrubbery or tree limbs within 1' of foundation or touching structure
• Access required for structures with crawl spaces
• Always ask or look for a Notice of Termite Protection: durable sign affixed next to water heater, electric panel or under kitchen sink cabinet identifying termiticide treatment, WDI (Wood Destroying Insect Report) and contractual re-inspection or re-treatment requirements
• Wood siding, wood sill(s) / joist(s), wood post(s) or wood step(s) in direct contact with ground

Patterson Pest Patrol, LLC uses the very best chemicals on the market today.

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